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The difference between masts

By May 13, 2014homepage, News

I have always rigged my Hucker 5.6mt with a Sailworks Joystick 75% carbon mast and it’s been very competitive across a wide wind range, then some weeks back whilst sailing at Sandy Point in a fresh SW wind of 25 – 27kts everything changed when I changed masts. I had sailed the morning on the Sailworks NX 6.2 race sail rigged with a NoLimitz Carbon Twill 95% 430 RDM, when changing sails it was easier to use that mast. Sailing the Hucker with the Carbon Twill – the difference was noticeable especially the acceleration, every aspect had improved and all things being equal my sailing buddy noticed it too.

The Twill Vs the Joystick, it has a higher stiffness of 26.2 to 23.6, carbon content 95%  to 75% and its the high modulus pre-preg construction where its characteristics evolve, making the Twill far more responsive with crash-proof durability.

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