Nolimitz F.A.S.T 95% RDM

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The Nolimitz F.A.S.T. is the solution for sailors looking for maximum freeride performance on their larger sails without switching to a regular diameter mast.

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This model is the first we have created in the 490 Skinny size. Nolimitz transferred their efforts to it’s little brother (the 460) to complete the 2 mast line suitable for flat water, wind driven swell and overall freeride sailing.   The silver outer layer is UV stable, ding resistant and provides a shiny look to the F.A.S.T. line.   Are you looking for a hardcore wave 460? Check out the new SUMO line available in 400, 430, and 460 sizes.   A similar flex to the 460 F.A.S.T., but ready to take a bit more of a beating. Outer composite layer may be Silver Texillium or Grey Glass depending on availability.   Both materials have the same bend curve and weight for identical on the water performance

Fiber. Fifty-Five Million pounds of tensile modulus (stiffness) per square inch of carbon fiber.   What does it mean?   We’re setting a new standard for the windsurfing mast industry by incorporating a higher modulus carbon fiber material.   These higher modulus fibers provide incredible sailing responsiveness, a light feel on the water and a way to manufacture a properly bending 460 Skinny.

Alignment. Prepreg composite material in the F.A.S.T. mast is aligned ideally for freeride durability, stiffness, performance and speed.   Our proprietary mast production methods allow us to maintain incredible fiber alignment consistency.   This results in the highest quality composite lay ups and performance in the industry.

Skinny. Nolimitz Skinny diameter for maximum strength and handling ability.   The first Skinny mast in the world is now the only mast manufactured in the United States.

Technology. The engineers at Nolimitz have found the solution for freeride and flat water sailing on larger sails.   The technology?    You guessed it…a secret!   The performance?    Unmatched in the Skinny mast industry. Try a Nolimitz F.A.S.T. today, it’s not your average freeride Skinny.

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